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Radarview Services

  • Void Detection & Evaluation Survey

  • Void Deteciton Evaluation Survey Foundation settlement is a costly repair that many owners would like to avoid. While most of our projects occur after settlement problems are already visible, Radarview does perform void surveys as part of a foundation performance evaluation during real estate transactions to detect unforeseen problems. Causes of these voids can include poorly compacted fill dirt, leaking water pipes, poor drainage, etc. Radarview performs void surveys routinely on foundations in industrial, commercial, and residential markets.
  • Bridge / Pavement Examination

  • Bridge / Pavement Examination Radarview performs bridge and road pavement condition surveys utilizing multiple technologies. Our methodology is very effective in determining pavement layer thickness, reinforcement spacing and depth, potential deterioration, voids, base and sub-base information. For concrete box girder bridges, Radarview has successfully located tendon ducts as deep as 20” during a grout void survey.
  • Structural Forensic Testing
  • Structural Forensic Testing Through the use of advanced technologies, Radarview has been a valuable part of Forensic Engineering surveys. We have found structures with incorrect Post Tensioned cable profiles, inadequate concrete thickness, improper reinforcement placement, cracks not visible to the surface, voids under failing foundations, etc. In most cases, multiple complementary techniques must be used to determine cause. Radarview’s array of specialized instruments allows the most thorough examination possible.
  • Determine As-built Construction

  • Determine As-built Construction Through a combination of technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar, Impact-Echo, Ferroscan, UPV, Windsor Probe and others, Radarview has successfully helped engineers determine the actual as-built construction of concrete structures where little or no design information is available. In most cases, some semi-destructive testing is employed for positive verification. Slabs, columns, beams, double tees, etc. can be imaged non-destructively.
  • Building Efficiency Examinations

  • Building Efficiency Examinations Building Owners can save money by having building efficiency examinations performed by Radarview personnel. We save our clients tens of thousand of dollars annually in utility expenses by locating HVAC leaks, water leaks, overheated electrical circuits, etc.
  • Structural Movement Monitoring

  • Structural Movement Monitoring Radarview utilizes a state-of-the-art Linear Interferometry displacement monitoring system to monitor movement in structures. The system can be setup for single or multi axis monitoring and the data can be viewed remotely from our office.
  • Subsurface Site Investigation

  • Subsurface Site InvestigationRadarview routinely performs ground
    surveys utilizing technologies such as Magnetometers, Ground Penetrating Radar, Radio Detection, and EM Surveys. These technologies along with Radarview methodology provide the best possible information regarding subsurface features such as pipelines, utility conduits, concrete culverts, and Underground Storage Tanks.
  • Masonry Wall Examinations

  • Masonry Wall Examinations Radarview has been very successful utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar, Infrared, and Magnetic based methods to image the as-built condition of CMU (masonry) and brick walls. Using Radarview developed methodology, this examination has become very efficient allowing thousands of square feet per day to be examined at a fraction of the cost of traditional X-ray methods.

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