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Recent Radarview Projects

1. Slab Void Box system failure investigation:
The slab void cardboard box system partially collapsed during a concrete pour. As a result, the double layer rebar mat also descended in the concrete. Radarview determined where the slab void boxes had collapsed along with a map of the resulting slab thicknesses.

2. Concrete Pile failure investigation:
A parking canopy column failed due to inadequate overlap of vertical bars in the pile with the anchor bolts holding the steel support column along with missing ties near the top portion of the piles. Radarview examined the piles in question and determined which ones were deficient.

3. Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI):
New container x-ray stations at Port facilities along the Gulf Coast required buried cable and utility installations. Radarview performed a Subsurface Utility Investigation and determined where existing utilities were buried in the areas of interest.

4. Masonry Wall Examination:
Questions regarding the as-built construction of the masonry walls of this school library necessitated the removal of stone cladding. Radarview successfully determined where embedded reinforcement and grout existed within the walls. Radarview performed the work on time and well under the budget allocated for the project.

Slab Void Box system failure investigation
Slab Void results

Concrete Pile failure investigation
Subsurface Investigation Site

Subsurface Utility Investigation (SUI)
Pier with rebar too short

Masonry Wall Examination
Masonry Wall Examination

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