Today’s pavement for roads have ever increasing maintenance costs and engineers are constantly search for ways to build them better.

What we do

Critical tools used to assess problematic roads include using vehicle mounted pavement thickness systems, HD video systems, Laser (LiDAR) mapped roughness systems, Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and more.

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By performing pavement scanning using air launched ground penetrating radar, it’s possible to detect the pavement and base layer thicknesses of roads while traveling at normal traffic speeds. This information allows engineers to assess how the roads were constructed and then assess the condition. This comparison results in changes to the pavement design that will be used when the road needs to be rebuilt or when adding onto existing roads.

Why we are different

Whether you’re going to be building on an existing paved area or you need ongoing assessments to help you during the construction of a parking lot or paved area on your land, we can help with a variety of testing methods that can guide you through the construction process. Determining overlay thickness usually requires high frequency, air-launched ground penetrating radar.

With the use of our technology, we can quickly perform pavement scanning solutions.

These solutions will guide you through the construction process and help you make decisions moving forward with a job site. Air-launched GPR, HD Video, and LiDARservices can cover long distances quickly and we can deliver comprehensive reports in a timely manner. Through our pavement scanning services and our comprehensive reports, your roads can be more accurately evaluated which will save money and increase the service life.

If you are interested in getting comprehensive pavement scanning using all the latest in technology and from highly skilled engineers, please contact our staff today and we can make the necessary arrangements required for a professional pavement scanning and more.

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Contact our staff today if you require assistance with pavement scanning services. We can get started on your quote nowwith the items we need such as maps showing the road sections of interest as well as how many lanes.

Why should you hire our services?

Our staff of skilled engineers an technicians have been involved in the pavement scanning services since the early 2000’s when it became commercially available. We have many project references available upon request.

Our pavement scanning team has over 45 years combined of experience in performing pavement scanning.

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