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Impact-Echo Testing

Impact-Echo Testing is a specialized form of NDT used in evaluating the condition of a concrete structure. Impact-Echo can be used to determine the depth of cracks and thickness of concrete as well as locating voids and subsurface objects. Radarview performs Impact-Echo thickness surveys in accordance with ASTM C-1383.

Movement Monitoring Data-logger   Radarview determined the depth of these
   punching shear cracks for a forensic

   Cracks appearing in your concrete?
   Radarview can calculate the depth
   of cracks open to the surface as
   well as the depth to separations
   in concrete due to defects,
   deterioration, and damage.

Movement Monitoring
For a given concrete thickness, there is an associated frequency that occurs when the surface is impacted by a small steel ball. In this image, a thickness frequency of 14.2 kHz equals 5.9” thick.

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