Among our many examination services, we also work as drone operators.

What we do

Drones are an extremely important tool in the future of inspection and construction technology. We use a wide range of drones’ cameras and testing technology on ROV’s and drone technology to provide detailed inspection solutions that have previously been almost impossible to achieve.

Through our drone technology, we can provide:

Aerial drone inspection reports on every aspect of your construction site.

Infrared facade and roof survey

Coming soon, LiDAR, remote ultrasonic thickness readings, and more.

Aerial façade survey

Building roof survey

Subsurface investigation

Our Team Is Flexible

Our engineers are trained drone pilots and we can often get our drones into areas that can deliver vivid images that can guide the future of any evaluation/construction process. Our drone examination processes can make getting definitive proof on the job site much easier.

As your construction process is finishing up or if you need to make an assessment on the quality of a roof, it is also generally much safer to utilize a drone rather than place a human engineer or operator in an area where there could be structural problems to consider. By working with our drones to perform moisture surveys and to capture imagery we can assess the quality of a roof or facade regardless of height.

Contact our staff today if you are interested in using the latest in drone inspection technology on your job site.

Our drones can perform complex measurements from the air. We have worked on:

  • Dam site to map changes after flood and inspect gates, spillway, debris survey, erosion, concrete deterioration, corrosion of steel components, etc.
  • Skyscraper facade and roof examinations
  • Construction Site photographic monitoring
  • Sinkhole videography/photography including stationary time-lapse.
  • Subsurface Utility Investigation Mapping using our air launched magnetometer and Ultra-high definition
  • Disaster Site Reconna
  • Coming soon: power line infrared surveys, leak surveys along pipelines, etc.

What’s the first step you need to take to start your process for service?

Contact our staff today if you require assistance with drone deployed services. We can get started on your quote now

Why should you hire our services?

Our drone deployment team 10 years of experience in operating drones. Drone deployed services are cutting down the cost of examinations that previously required extensive access planning and cost.


How fast can we get a drone deployment service ?
We can get on site in less than 24 hours in most cases.
What types of companies do you work with?

We work in Large Corporations, engineering firms, architecture firms, management companies, construction companies, and more.

Which nondestructive testing method can you use?
We have nondestructive testing methods that currently include Visual / photogrammetry with 42MegaPixel capability, full radiometric 640×480 Infrared thermography, remote ultrasonic thickness, 4K Videography, Subsurface Magnatometer Surveys. Coming soon LiDAR and more.
Who can your support services benefit?

Owners, engineers, construction managers, property managers, and more can all benefit greatly from our drone services.

Can I apply for a position with your company?

Please use the “Contact Us” form, select Human Resources, and submit your resume in .txt format if you feel as though you would be an asset to our company.

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