Proving that your concrete is safe throughout any type of construction process takes ongoing examination.

What we do

Performing concrete scanning prior to any coring or sawing operations can be one of the best ways that you can reduce your risk of damaging the integrity of the structure. Reports with images we extract from full 3D data sets coupled with photographs are the only way to show what is in your concrete. Do not rely on providers that do not give informative reports.

Our company can help you by providing:

Coring and Sawing through us and our partner companies

Post-tension cable mapping (Tendons)

Pre-tension cable mapping (Tendons)

Rebar mapping

Electrical Conduit detection

Our Team Is Flexible

Through our concrete scanning services, we can identify areas to avoid when coring and sawing concrete that reduces project risks and increases the safety of the personnel working in the area.

What are the benefits of having concrete scanning reports?

Concrete scanning reports are a resources that can prove that your concrete has been professionally examined and shows that you have excerized due diligence in locating coreing and sawing areas that will not damage the structure or hurt personnel. Locating embedded hazards improve thes structural integrity of your building can help to prevent costs in the future..

We Utilize new technology to ensure that your structural integrity remains safe.

By utilizing the latest state-of-the art technology that our engineers have come to rely on it is possible to have these examinations in place without having to risk the structural integrity of your building, reduce the need for redesign, and reduce costs and time to repair damages caused by cutting into unknown buried hazards. These are still relatively new forms of testing that have quite recently become the industry standard.

If you are interested in getting concrete scanning and coring services with a company that can flexibly work around your work schedule, please contact our staff today. We can make the process of receiving ongoing concrete scanning and coring for your construction processes easier than ever before.

What’s the first step you need to take to start your process for service?

Contact our staff today if you require assistance with concrete scanning and coring services. We can get started on your quote now

Why should you hire our services?

Because we are a registered engineering firm and arean accredited testing laboratory that uses methodologies that are comprehensive. We employ personnel with engineering and science degrees to perform your work.


How fast can we get a Concrete scanning and Coring Service?

We can provide services usually within 24 hours and sometimes the same day

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with General Contractors, subcontractors including: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire suppression, as well as directly for owners and engineers.

Which nondestructive testing method can you use?

We have nondestructive testing methods that include Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Magnetic based scanning systems, and Radiography.

Who can your support services benefit?

We can help with site layout at the design or construction stage to quickly determine if the architectural design will work with the planned concrete coring and sawing locations.

Can I apply for a position with your company?

Please use the “Contact Us” form, select Human Resources, and submit your resume in .txt format if you feel as though you would be an asset to our company.

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